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Lectra E93 Laser Textile Cutter, modified

Productnumber: S70-9116505

Lectra E93 Laser Textile Cutter, modified, for flat sheets/plates and reel material with conveyor transport. Operating range of cutting head 2400 mm (width) x 3100 mm (length), by synchronised conveyor movement endless length material with 2500 mm width can be cut. Laser Electrox Nova 1000P CO2-laser, fast flow, nominal power 1000 W, control panel, pulsable, linear polarized,manufactured 1996. New PC and CNC-control 2 1/2 axes incl. CAD/CAM-software. System manufactured 1989, good condition. Cuts textiles of all kinds for tents, sails, parachutes, gaskets, filters, plastic foils, paper, carton, rubber, leather, carpets, isolation and foam materials, fiberglass, plexiglass, PVC, teflon, wood, veneer and much more.

Price: 25.000,00 €

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