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Lumenis medical IPL Quantum SR/HR system

Productnumber: S13-3066768

LUMENIS medical IPL Quantum SR/HR system for hair removal, skin anti aging and therapy for easy skin injuries, (total 44800 pulse).Technical parameter for SR: Optional spectrums: 590-990 nm and 640-990 nm, spot dimension 8x34 mm, speed: 0,5 Hz, pulse length: 6-26 ms Pulse delaying interval: 5-60 ms, radiant energy: 20-45 J/cm².Technical parameter for HR:Optional spectrums: 645-990 nm and 755-990 nm. Spot dimensions 8x34 mm, speed: 0,5 Hz, pulse length: 6-18 ms, pulse delaying interval:10-150 ms, radiant energy: 15-45 J/cm², mfrd. 2007.
Accessories: integrated contact cooling, touchscreen with initialised skin-type program, 4 hand pieces. 2 SR and 2 HR, two used and for further 15000 impulse to use, two ones are new. Regularly serviced and in good condition, at once available. Last maintenance Dec. 2012, since then approx. 1500 impulse in use.
Price new € 71.400,-. Price ex works

Price: 19.999,00 €

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