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TUI Cera Tube BD 20 Excimer Laser

Productnumber: L10-5125104

TUI Cera Tube BD 20 Excimer Laser, OEM-version in Bosch profile frame on rolls, gas filling XeCl, 308 nm, pulse energy 150 mJ, pulse length 110 ns, beam average 10 x 20 mm, divergence 2 x 4 mrad, average power 15 W, max. 100 Hz. Internal pulse generator, safety circuits, key switch, warning lamp, power filter, power transformer, electr. input 230 V. Tube newly refilled, 6 month warranty. Dimensions: 37 x 100 x 125 cm (h), 200 kg. (4H5R5M) Price ex location

Price: 20.000,00 €

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