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JK Lumonics HS 2 Double-Pulse Holographic Laser

Productnumber: L46-6015129

JK Lumonics HS 2 double-pulse holographic laser, wave length 694,3 nm (ruby), consisting of oscillator 4 mm x 4\" and 3/8\" x 8\" amplifier, KD*P-QS, polarizer, spatial filter, 2 etalons, energy monitor, max. pulse energy 1 J (single pulse), 0,4 - 0,6 J/pulse (double pulse), pulse separation 1 - 800 µs, pulse length 30 ns, repeatability up to 4 pulses/min. Laser head on base plate with dust cover. Coherence length > 1m. Mfrd. 1985, function guarantee. (4O2S9N). Price ex location

Price: 26.000,00 €

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